The dental implant treatment with Dr. Nadar at Family Dental of Littleton are an innovative procedure that assists adult men and women in replacing broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth. While there are several treatments available today that can assist dental patients in replacing missing teeth, few offer stable, long lasting results like dental implants. If you currently live in Littleton, New Hampshire area and are suffering with an imperfect smile, dental implants may be just what you need.

Dental implants are ideal for those patients currently suffering with missing teeth, old, loose and unstable dentures or ill-fitting or unsightly crowns or bridgework. Because candidacy for dental implants is based on a variety of factors, a consultation with Dr. Nadar is highly encouraged. During your visit, he will assess the affected area, your overall oral health and the amount of bone present in your jaw—all factors that can help determine whether or not you are a proper candidate. At your initial consultation, if it is determined that you are a proper implant candidate, the procedure will be scheduled.

Your dental implant procedure in Littleton, NH will begin with the administration of a local anesthetic. Then, incisions will be made in the gum line in order to expose the bone below. Once exposed, Dr. Nadar will use a specialized series of drills in order to create a single hole in the bone of the jaw for each dental implant. The dental implants are then inserted in the space created, and a small wrench is used to drive or ‘screw’ the implants tightly into place. Once properly placed, patients will be sent home so that the implant can heal properly.

The titanium alloy implant is specially designed to fuse with the bone of the jaw, creating stable root-like support for a dental prosthetic such as crown or dentures. After an adequate healing period (this time frame will be different for each patient), patients will return to Family Dental of Littleton so that their dental prosthetics can be placed. Once properly in place, patients will have the look, feel and functionality of naturally growing teeth.

There are several types of dental implants available to patients today, be sure to visit Dr. Nadar at Family Dental of Littleton today to determine which implant type will help you to perfect your smile.

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Catherine Squires

"They did a wonderful job on what i thought was a much bigger problem, they put my mind at ease very quickly. I just walked in at random they examined me and fixed my problem the very same day!! Though I'm sure I was just lucky on the timing of my visit, (not saying they can fix a problem in one day with everyone) but the fact they took the time to try meant so much to me. I walked away with so much more self confidence!!! I will be back for sure and will be recommending them to everyone I know!! Thank you so much!!"

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Kelly Berube

"The people here are great. They worked very well with my daughter and I. I recommended the rest of my family to go there. Nice, clean place to go."

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Michelle C.

"First time there with my 3 kids... front office staff is very Nice and Professional.. Kids loved hygienist, as did I ; my oldest daughter (who is very shy) was comfortable & felt dentist was so very nice and I personally felt he is doing what's best for kids and not his wallet.... His care seemed right on point... Would recommend"

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